Welcome to rionsmith.com!

I’m rion smith, and this is my site-  my place to say what’s on my mind, and share with anyone who’s interested, all the different aspects of my life.

I’m currently a full-time drummer for Blue Man Group Orlando.

I’m also husband to my beautiful wife, Yuki, and Papa to our awesome kid Taiyo (pronounced tie – yo, as in, “you must wear a tie, yo!”)

I’m an artist, world traveler, and I’m currently working on creating my own music, and actively uploading new stuff to YouTube: riondrum on YouTube

So this is the place I hope to share bits and pieces of all these things, and where I feel like I can take some time and get deep with the stuff that’s on my mind-  life, drums, philosophy, family, and how all these things somehow come together to make up my life.

thanks for reading-


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drummer husband father philosopher composer lover of life

2 thoughts on “Welcome to rionsmith.com!

    1. Hey Jeff!! How you been man? Haven’t seen/talked to you in quite a while.
      The legal change is just a lot of paperwork cuz you gotta change drivers license, bank account, passport, etc. maybe someday–
      I’m in Facebook, so hit me up on there!

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