Tour So Far… pt 1: Death of an iPhone

So I’m now over a month into tour.  Before leaving for tour, I had imagined myself with my blog website well under way, with tons of entries about the places I had gone, and amusing anecdotes about being on tour….

But, alas, I am just now getting my blog up (it’s more work than I tought), and so much has happened that it’s tough to pick a place to start.

For one, if you haven’t heard, my bran-spankin new iphone 5, which WAS awesome…   was in the pocket of my Blue Man Band outfit that I took off just after the show, and put in the hamper.  Our uniforms get promptly put in the washing machine, so that they can be ready for the next day-  and I didn’t realize it until it was too late, and after a small heart attack, my iphone was pulled out of the bottom of a now running washing machine!  So it sat in rice for almost week, while I hoped that it would just magically come back to life.  My hopes were high when I plugged it in, it powered up, and happily started dinging away as it received a week’s worth of text mails.  My iphone was alive!!  But I was deceived.  It worked, but only when plugged in.  When I unplugged it, even after showing a full charge, it would shut off immediately- my hopes crushed.  So I’m now hoping that this website ‘ifixandrepair’ can bring some life back to my little communication friend.  They’re on BBB’s website, so I hope that means that they’re a legit operation, and they’ll get my phone on mon-  we’ll see what happens.

So I’ve been without a cell-phone-time-piece-mp3-player-camera-drum-machine-idea-recorder-facebook-terminal-GPS-internet-accessor-music-device for I guess something like 2 weeks now…  I know –  how horrible.  But I was having a conversation with my fellow musicians today about how- here, on tour- I’m actually OK without it-  for a while-  I do miss the camera, and the mp3 player, and all the things I did on it, but really, I’m OK without it-  I just check the board when I’m leaving the theater to see what time call is tomorrow, and I’m cool.  I know that I can get to the theater in 5 min, if I’m hurrying, so no sweat.

I’ve been in Cincinnati for a week now, and haven’t had a cell phone the entire time.  I don’t know what this city is like from a cell phone, I know it from walking around.  Which is actually pretty cool.  It reminds me how strapped in to our little devices we are, and how in some ways being so “connected” can actually disconnect us from what’s actually around us.

This crazy lookin dude- I’ll call him “smartphone zombie,” was part of the ARTPRIZE Art festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The idea is that everyone is kind of turing into zombies that are hypnotized by their smartphones, and that they’re ‘greyed-out’ from their real lives.

I was aware of this before I ‘washed’ my phone, but I’ve become even more aware of it now.

I don’t have a phone, and I’m OK.   It’s amazing.  The world isn’t ending, everything’s getting done that is supposed to be getting done-  I’m not able to photograph this pretty cool looking city i’m in, which is a bummer, but, like I said, I’m OK.

Well, I didn’t expect that this blog was going to be all about my iphone, but there it is.  I’ve got lots more to share, and will as I have time.

Thanks for reading…


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