Kale chips! Last night in Cinci…

It’s our last full night here in Cincinnati, so that means it’s packing night.

So far for me I’ve been making a little tradition of packing night being the night when I pack, (obviously), and I also try to cook up all the food that I have left in the fridge. It’s only occasionally that we get to stay in places that have a full-on kitchen like we had for two weeks here in Cincinnati. If we’re only staying in the city for a couple of nights, we usually have a normal hotel room, and we’re lucky if there is a fridge and microwave in the room. So I try to take advantage of it when we have these apartment – suites like we did here in Cincy.

For dinner I cooked up my usual tilapia and veggies. But I had a whole ton of kale left over. So a fast way to get rid of a lot of kale is to make kale chips! All I needed for that was olive oil and salt, which I had. The only setback was that this would normally be done on a baking sheet. But necessity is the mother of invention, and I did have aluminum foil, so it only took me a few minutes to fashion up a makeshift bake sheet of aluminum foil.

I had so much kale that I had to cook my kale chips in three shifts. But each shift is only 10 minutes, so the whole thing only took me half an hour. (Actually 45 minutes if I count the prep time.)

But it’s been a great snack to keep munching on throughout the night as I pack up my room. It’s super healthy, so I’m definitely getting my fill of greens tonight.


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