Missing Athens…

Sometimes you get a good vibe the moment you set foot in a place.
Athens was one of those places. Everyone fell in love with Athens, GA from the moment we showed up. What a cool town. It’s rather small, and the downtown is actually only a couple of blocks long, but its cram packed full of really cool shops: from the swanky to the vibey-vintage- awesome fooderies: great sushi (in GA, believe it or not!),

20121110-184642.jpgVietnamese, Thai, American diners, bars with good food, coffee shops, desert places, and most of them one of a kind shops too- a fair amount of live music venues, including the Georgia Theater where we saw shows on 2 of our 3 nights there- great venue- There’s a bikram yoga place there BikramAthens (where I did bikram on all 3 of my days there!!), and just a cool vibe all around.

Athens is definitely a college town, so I’m curious what it’s like when school’s out, but I can’t imagine it being a total ghost town, as it’s just such a cool place.
I’m a bit sad that we couldn’t be there on a weekend, so we could’ve seen more if the local music scene, and I’m definitely already missing this cool town. I’ll be going back to Athens the next chance I get.

Maps&Atlases (really cool band by the way) play for not enough people on a Mon night at Georgia Theater

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2 thoughts on “Missing Athens…

  1. Rion, I never got to tell you how proud I’ve been knowing that one of my drum mentors and buddies is in the spot your in. I have really enjoyed all the updates and the creatively displayed photos of your adventures here and on Facebook. You have a great signature drumstick, one of the coveted spots in the show I’m sure. I’m so happy to see your enjoying what you do buddy.. I know time away from your family has to be hard on you man. I do it alot too these days. I won’t ramble on any more. But keep on truckin and having fun out there.

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