Arriving in a new city…

Arriving in a new city…


What time is it? Where’s the hotel?  How long are we staying here?  How many bags should I bring in?  What room am I in?  Where’s my room key?  Where are the elevators?  Is the bus going to stay here, or is it going away?  Here’s my room.  Where’s the light?  Where’s the thermostat, or is it a window unit?  Where’s the bathroom?  Where do I put my bags?  Should I unpack or just leave my stuff in the suitcases?  Is there a refrigerator?  Microwave?  Are there any outlets I can access to plug in my phone?  How bout the computer?  Is there wifi here?  How do I log on?  Will this just stay connected, or does it turn off every time it goes idle? What time is it? What day is it?   Is there space to do yoga on the floor?  Does this window open?  I’d sure love some fresh air…  Does this hotel have coin laundry?  Where are the stairs?  Where’s the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?  Should I make something to eat, or go try to find something?  What time is it?  I wonder if anyone else is out n about?  Any places to eat around here?  I wonder what there is to do around here?  What time is it?  Do we have a show today?  What time is our next call time?  Where’s the theater?  Are we taking a bus, or walking there?  Where’s the backstage door?  Where’s the stage?  Where are the dressing rooms?  Where’s the bathroom?  Where are my in-ears?  Where’s my costume?  Where are my shoes?  How do we get to the front of house?  What time is sound check?  Is the zither working today?  Where’s the green room?  Anything else I should know?


…then it’s Time to Start the show…   


ahh.   I know where I am.  


…where are we going next?

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One thought on “Arriving in a new city…

  1. This is a great paragraph! Loved it! With all your questions you’ve allowed us to feel exactly what it’s like for you on the road. Much love, Mom

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