Cookies with Taiyo

It’s funny what will make me really miss my son all of a sudden.  I got to do an actual FaceTime video chat with him, Yuki and my parents today.  They’re all in Idaho together for the holidays, and I will be too soon enough!  Well, Boise, the nearest big city to Caldwell, where my parents live, just got a Whole Foods Market.  So today, the day before Thanksgiving, the family is going on an adventure to Whole Foods!

And Whole Foods reminded me of one of our adventures with Taiyo.  Yuki, Taiyo and I had gone to Animal Kingdom, and didn’t feel like eating theme park food, so decided we’d hit up the Whole Foods on the way home, get a meal, do some necessary shopping, and head home.  So for desert, Taiyo and I both got the ever-so-delicious ginger cookies, and some almond milk.  And after our meal, we sat and dunked our ginger cookies in our milk.  Delicious!

What surprised me was when, months later, the next time we went to a Disney Park, we decided to again go to Whole Foods for diner, Taiyo remembered the ginger cookies and milk, and asked if we could do that again.

It’s amazing what sticks out in the mind of a 3 (now 4) year old.  Simple things, like buying a cookie and milk, and eating it together in the store, can be some of the most bonding experiences.

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That was the original post-  then tonight I had another chance to FaceTime with Yuki and Taiyo, and Yuki tells me that on their way to Whole Foods today, Taiyo again asked for his ginger cookie!!  Probably about the same time I was writing the post!   What can I say, great minds….


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