finding limits (by getting sick on the road)

OK-  so I push too hard sometimes.  I get it.  Now I get it more than I got it before.  And I might need to get it again, although this was a tough lesson to take this time.

It actually started in Athens, GA, where I decided to see if I could do bikram (hot) yoga for 3 days straight, while also doing our shows everyday.  I’ve only done bikram 2 times in the past, and both times it seriously kicked my ass!  Like, “I’m not going to be doing anything for the rest of the day”- kicked my ass.

“I’ve been doing yoga everyday for almost 2 months now, I’m feeling pretty good.  Let’s give this a shot.”   So I tried it.  First day, not too bad.  Better than I expected.  Charles and I went, and survived, so we went out for sushi afterwards.  Probably a good food choice-  healthy, light.  But the saké was not.  It was fine at the time, and if that was all the bikram I was to be doing for the week, that would have been fine.

Let me explain a bit about birkam, as I understand it.  When you do bikram yoga, you’re doing very difficult yoga in a hot room where you sweat a LOT.  All of this is designed to get your body detoxifying-  which is good.  Then when you really start doing bikram several days in a row, you start to detoxify A LOT.  So a smart person would then assist their body in this detoxification process, and try to eat healthy foods, and probably avoid putting toxins (such as alcohol) back in the system.  Your body has begun a cleaning process.  It just doesn’t make sense to drag more dirt in while you’re cleaning house.  And I know this….

But Athens is a fun town, and there was a lot to do at night as well, and doing bikram also makes you feel pretty good.  I did notice that I was starting to feel a little run down, and I was starting to find some mucus in my lungs, a sign that I’ve learned to recognize as me being run-down.  So I have some other yoga that I do for detoxing, and figured I’d just do that and push on through.

Immediately following Athens, we had a series of cities where it was more difficult to find healthy food, which culminated in Memphis.  I was able to find some healthy food there, however there was also a lot of very tasty, not-so-healthy food to try, and for whatever reason, I ate a lot of not-so-healthy stuff there, and combined with going out a lot, during the night and day (so much to do there) just kept pushing myself.  That all came to a head on Saturday night when I went out with the crew to club 152 where they had a hip-hop night, and all Blue Man peeps were getting in free.  So I went, and was drinking, and had a blast dancing in that sweaty club with a total mixed crowd of people till 5am.  Good times.  At 8:30am I awoke, and was not going back to sleep.  So what do I decide to do?  How about this yoga session I haven’t tried yet?   It says ‘intermediate’… how hard can it be?   DAMN hard, that’s how hard.  I actually consider myself to have a pretty good foundation in yoga, and in my mind think of myself as at least ‘intermediate.’  But not this intermediate.  This must be like an advanced intermediate or something.    Anyway, I pushed myself to go through this program which was obviously too hard for me.  And on 3 hrs sleep after a night of drinking.  Just push through it.

So that 11am call found me starting to not feel so good.  I did the first show, and found myself walking so slow between shows, I was pretty much in a haze.  I slept for an hour between shows.  Probably could have used 10 hrs, but took what I could.  And somehow found the energy to play that second show.  But I knew I wasn’t feeling well.  I had clearly overdone it.

That was the start of what has been a week long recovery of me feeling crappy, sleeping as much as I can, sweating out a fever, nursing a sore throat, and just generally staying in my hotel room every chance I get.  I’m doing much better, but taking care of yourself by yourself is not something I want to experience again while out on the road.  And I can’t blame this on anyone by myself.  I totally overdid it, and I’m old enough, and know myself enough to know that I was overdoing it.  I just got sucked up in all the fun things to do while on tour, and forgot to take care of myself along the way.  Lesson learned.

thanks for reading…


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One thought on “finding limits (by getting sick on the road)

  1. Hey Bro. I guess U R human after all. I used to think maybe U were a machine, the way U played a long Shak Nasti Set and looked fresh as a daisy during break ! Ha ! Anyway, I’m wondering how much cigarette smoke was in those clubs U partied in. I know if I been in a smokey club environment, I have to take a shower and get the smoke off me before I go to bed, or I’ll get sick for sure. Hope you went to a Dr. and got some antibiotics for the throat. Sometimes our immune systems could use a little help. OK brother, pace yourself Man and TRY to stay well. Your upcoming Holiday break with family should do you a lot of good. Hang in there Bud ! 🙂

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