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This blog is a little late…

When we were in Memphis, we took a trip to Graceland- I really didn’t know what to expect. Of course I know of Elvis, and have heard some of his music, but never really got into his music that deep. But I have to say that I was more affected by the whole experience than I expected. For the tour you wear a headset that plays an audio tour for each part of the house or property, along with some music, interviews with Elvis, or even home recordings. So you’re hearing that, and seeing his home- which for the time, I’m sure was elaborate- but by today’s standards is perhaps a little bit large, yet still a very cozy feeling place… And then seeing all the gold records that he produced, hearing his philosophies of writing music and performing, and seeing several of his live performances— it really made me have a new respect for the man, and his impact on music, and culture.
I want to go and see more of his live performances- he certainly wasn’t called The King for nothing.
So here’s my photo tour of Graceland…. There’s a ton of photos, and I haven’t figured out a better way to display them yet, but I’ll get there!!


The house–


…and a whole lot more photos….

just click below ….