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ahhh patience

Hello Patience-  

You’re quite a lot to deal with.  So persistent, and non-yeilding, yet your lessons remain true, again and again.  

You see, the world has gotten to a place now where so many people have forgotten you.  Our world, our media, our smart phones, our TV ads for “EVERYTHING YOU WANT- RIGHT NOW!” can cause us to forget about you, Patience.  

I’ve been doing yoga almost everyday now for about 6 months…  why am I not a sculpted Adonis yet? Why hasn’t this load of dedicated time brought my energy levels back to kindergarten levels?  Why do I still feel tired some days?  I thought it would all be better by now…

But, alas, Patience, you are here patiently waiting until I calm down to quietly remind me that “this is not an overnight process.  Everything good is happening, and it’s all coming.  Just be patient.”  

It’s amazing to me that at 39 years old, this is still such a hard lesson for me to learn.  But Thank you Patience once again for your lessons.  

last snow…

I had a funny thought about the last snow of the season…

When you’re the first snow of the season, you’re greeted with awe and wonder.  I was up in Idaho when we saw the first snowfall with my son Taiyo, and it was almost as if it was “magical!”   “Oh!  The First Snow of the season!  Wow!  How beautiful!”

But when you’re the last snow of the season, especially in a place where maybe it stopped snowing for a while, and people thought they were done with snow… then it snows one last time… that last snow of the season doesn’t get such a warm welcome.  “I’m so ready to be done with snow!”   “I can’t wait till the snow’s gone.”  “Bah!  Curse this snow!”

Those poor little snow flakes- they’re just as beautiful as the first snowflakes, they just got a bad time slot.  They lost the lottery for placement in the big Snow Show, so their display of snowy wonderment was booed off the stage, simply because they were last.  

So let’s give the Last Snow of the big Snow Show a break-  give them a little love too.

thanks for reading-