An EPIC Summer- 4 Months in the Mediterranean – Port 1: Barcelona


This is the first post of a bunch about my adventures in Europe.

I had the privilege to be the drummer for the Blue Man Group aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s EPIC ship, where we cruised through the Mediterranean for four months.  The EPIC is basically a huge floating city, complete with enough cabins for 5,000 guests, 1,700 crew, 22 restaurants, a pool deck, water slides, a sports deck, rock wall, outdoor mega-screen club/bar/sundeck, a spa with wet and dry saunas and hydrotherapy pool, passenger and crew gyms, outdoor jogging track, comedy club, Cirque tent, casino, many bars, bowling, art gallery, Crew Bar, and of course, the EPIC theater, where Legends in Concert would perform Tuesday thru Thursday, and the Blue Man Group would perform Friday thru Monday.  There was no shortage of fun to be had on the ship….

But this post is about what we did in port.  We sailed the same route each week:  Sunday was Barcelona, Spain;  Monday was at sea the entire day;  Tuesday was Naples, Italy;  Wednesday was Civitaveccia, Italy:  the port nearest to Rome;  Thursday was Livorno, close to Florence, Italy;  Friday was Cannes, France;  and Saturday was Palma, Majorca, an island just off of Spain.  Then it was back to Barcelona on Sunday to do it all over again.  Barcelona was where the whole adventure began for our cast.  We were all flown from our respective home cities to Barcelona where we had one night, followed by a 6am call the next morning to catch the bus into port, where we would first board the EPIC.

I’m currently working on all of my photos from the entire 4 months of traveling.  Organizing the photos by port made the most sense to me, so this first installment is Barcelona.  The photos were taken over the course of 4 months, and mostly on Sundays.  After my contract was over, two members of the cast and myself decided to stay in Barcelona for several days, just to unwind, and really explore the city, and perhaps party a bit.   A bit.  This was the first time that we really had a chance to explore at night, which was great.  By chance, our contract ended right when La Mercé was starting up.  La Mercé is Barcelona’s biggest annual celebration city wide.  There were huge stages with bands and orchestras playing;  even more street performances, and parades than usual (and there’s a lot on a regular basis there);  There was literally too much to take in, too much to see and do, and waaaaay too much to photograph.  If only I could show you everything that I saw-  but there was just too much.  And, uh, there was the time when I left my iPhone in it’s wallet case, complete with credit cards, AND which was my only camera, on a bus in port in Barcelona…. but I’ll save that story for another post…  😉


So keep in mind, that although I’m posting a LOT of pictures here, my experience was so much more than it’s even possible to show you.   The photos I have to offer are merely a smattering of what I actually saw.

I also have several more posts from Barcelona on their way, each dedicated to one specific place.

But for now, here’s my first EPIC summer post.


They are presented as a gallery, and you can click on any picture to see it full size, then click on the right or left arrows to move forward or back thru the pictures.




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