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Overcoming FEAR as an artist, part 2

Part 2 of this series.  Here I’m confessing a big part of my story, and how it relates to fear.  This confession is not me being hard on myself, but simply trying to own my journey so far, so that it doesn’t own me.   By recognizing where I’ve acted from a place of fear, I begin to see the solution to overcome this part of my fear.

Bearing my soul… a little bit…

This is the first in a video series where I’ll be talking, not playing drums.  But, I’ll be talking about playing drums (a bit), but more than that, talking about the process of overcoming my own fears as an artist-  it’s a hairy beast, fear, and can cripple even the best artists…  but I believe that by talking about it, we can get better…   so, watch this vid, and let me know what you think!