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Barcelona Graffiti

While I was on tour with the Blue Man Group’s North American Tour, I got to see a lot of the states, and I realized how much I like graffiti.  But not just any graffiti-  not some kid with his first can of spray paint writing something lewd on a wall, but the really amazing, and artistic stuff.  The kind that, to me, improves the visual appeal of the area.  The kind that makes you think, or just catches your attention in a good way.  In my own mind, I kind of refer to it as “Street Art.”  Some of these artists do some amazing things with cans of spray paint. (more…)

An EPIC Summer- 4 Months in the Mediterranean – Port 1: Barcelona


This is the first post of a bunch about my adventures in Europe.

I had the privilege to be the drummer for the Blue Man Group aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s EPIC ship, where we cruised through the Mediterranean for four months.  The EPIC is basically a huge floating city, complete with enough cabins for 5,000 guests, 1,700 crew, 22 restaurants, a pool deck, water slides, a sports deck, rock wall, outdoor mega-screen club/bar/sundeck, a spa with wet and dry saunas and hydrotherapy pool, passenger and crew gyms, outdoor jogging track, comedy club, Cirque tent, casino, many bars, bowling, art gallery, Crew Bar, and of course, the EPIC theater, where Legends in Concert would perform Tuesday thru Thursday, and the Blue Man Group would perform Friday thru Monday.  There was no shortage of fun to be had on the ship….

But this post is about what we did in port.  We sailed the same route each week:  Sunday was Barcelona, Spain;  Monday was at sea the entire day;  Tuesday was Naples, Italy;  Wednesday was Civitaveccia, Italy:  the port nearest to Rome;  Thursday was Livorno, close to Florence, Italy;  Friday was Cannes, France;  and Saturday was Palma, Majorca, an island just off of Spain.  Then it was back to Barcelona on Sunday to do it all over again.  Barcelona was where the whole adventure began for our cast.  We were all flown from our respective home cities to Barcelona where we had one night, followed by a 6am call the next morning to catch the bus into port, where we would first board the EPIC.


Icy Erie

Made a cold trip down to icy Lake Erie while in Cleveland. I enjoyed seeing the Geese walking on the ice, and was really surprised by the beauty of the ice formations out on the lake. After losing my gloves in Buffalo, my hands were frozen numb, but I was there at just the right time, and caught an amazing sunset.





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Abstract Self

Some fun with a panoramic view of my face….







This blog is a little late…

When we were in Memphis, we took a trip to Graceland- I really didn’t know what to expect. Of course I know of Elvis, and have heard some of his music, but never really got into his music that deep. But I have to say that I was more affected by the whole experience than I expected. For the tour you wear a headset that plays an audio tour for each part of the house or property, along with some music, interviews with Elvis, or even home recordings. So you’re hearing that, and seeing his home- which for the time, I’m sure was elaborate- but by today’s standards is perhaps a little bit large, yet still a very cozy feeling place… And then seeing all the gold records that he produced, hearing his philosophies of writing music and performing, and seeing several of his live performances— it really made me have a new respect for the man, and his impact on music, and culture.
I want to go and see more of his live performances- he certainly wasn’t called The King for nothing.
So here’s my photo tour of Graceland…. There’s a ton of photos, and I haven’t figured out a better way to display them yet, but I’ll get there!!


The house–


…and a whole lot more photos….

just click below ….


Easy hotel room salad

Here’s an easy meal I threw together in my hotel room while staying at the Double Tree in Memphis. There are no fridges in the rooms, and our busses (which have fridges that conveintly stay on) went away, because we won’t be using them again until after the new year.
So it was time to take all the perishables I had on the bus and use ’em.
And that’s what you see here:
A Spinach Salad w 1 can of tuna (in oil), walnuts, grape tomatoes, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Pretty darn good, and very filling.

Sun Studios, Memphis TN!

Today, a few of us from Blue Man went to Sun Studios. Famous for being the first studio to ever record Elvis. It’s a small place, kept very much in the original state it was in when those famous recordings were made. Same flooring, same ceiling, same control room. Pretty cool to see some Rock n Roll history.
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