finding limits (by getting sick on the road)

OK-  so I push too hard sometimes.  I get it.  Now I get it more than I got it before.  And I might need to get it again, although this was a tough lesson to take this time.

It actually started in Athens, GA, where I decided to see if I could do bikram (hot) yoga for 3 days straight, while also doing our shows everyday.  I’ve only done bikram 2 times in the past, and both times it seriously kicked my ass!  Like, “I’m not going to be doing anything for the rest of the day”- kicked my ass.

“I’ve been doing yoga everyday for almost 2 months now, I’m feeling pretty good.  Let’s give this a shot.”   So I tried it.  First day, not too bad.  Better than I expected.  Charles and I went, and survived, so we went out for sushi afterwards.  Probably a good food choice-  healthy, light.  But the saké was not.  It was fine at the time, and if that was all the bikram I was to be doing for the week, that would have been fine.Continue reading “finding limits (by getting sick on the road)”

Cookies with Taiyo

It’s funny what will make me really miss my son all of a sudden.  I got to do an actual FaceTime video chat with him, Yuki and my parents today.  They’re all in Idaho together for the holidays, and I will be too soon enough!  Well, Boise, the nearest big city to Caldwell, where my parents live, just got a Whole Foods Market.  So today, the day before Thanksgiving, the family is going on an adventure to Whole Foods!

And Whole Foods reminded me of one of our adventures with Taiyo.  Yuki, Taiyo and I had gone to Animal Kingdom, and didn’t feel like eating theme park food, so decided we’d hit up the Whole Foods on the way home, get a meal, do some necessary shopping, and head home.  So for desert, Taiyo and I both got the ever-so-delicious ginger cookies, and some almond milk.  And after our meal, we sat and dunked our ginger cookies in our milk.  Delicious!

What surprised me was when, months later, the next time we went to a Disney Park, we decided to again go to Whole Foods for diner, Taiyo remembered the ginger cookies and milk, and asked if we could do that again.

It’s amazing what sticks out in the mind of a 3 (now 4) year old.  Simple things, like buying a cookie and milk, and eating it together in the store, can be some of the most bonding experiences.

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That was the original post-  then tonight I had another chance to FaceTime with Yuki and Taiyo, and Yuki tells me that on their way to Whole Foods today, Taiyo again asked for his ginger cookie!!  Probably about the same time I was writing the post!   What can I say, great minds….


Easy hotel room salad

Here’s an easy meal I threw together in my hotel room while staying at the Double Tree in Memphis. There are no fridges in the rooms, and our busses (which have fridges that conveintly stay on) went away, because we won’t be using them again until after the new year.
So it was time to take all the perishables I had on the bus and use ’em.
And that’s what you see here:
A Spinach Salad w 1 can of tuna (in oil), walnuts, grape tomatoes, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Pretty darn good, and very filling.

Sun Studios, Memphis TN!

Today, a few of us from Blue Man went to Sun Studios. Famous for being the first studio to ever record Elvis. It’s a small place, kept very much in the original state it was in when those famous recordings were made. Same flooring, same ceiling, same control room. Pretty cool to see some Rock n Roll history.
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My beautiful family!

My beautiful wife, Yuki, and son, Taiyo. (I can’t believe how BIG Taiyo looks!!) On the airplane to Boise, ID, where they’ll be for the next month and a half visiting my parents. I get almost 2 weeks off right at Christmas time, so I can’t wait to see them all up there!
It’ll be Taiyo’s first time in snow! Very cool stuff!
I love them so much!


Arriving in a new city…

Arriving in a new city…


What time is it? Where’s the hotel?  How long are we staying here?  How many bags should I bring in?  What room am I in?  Where’s my room key?  Where are the elevators?  Is the bus going to stay here, or is it going away?  Here’s my room.  Where’s the light?  Where’s the thermostat, or is it a window unit?  Where’s the bathroom?  Where do I put my bags?  Should I unpack or just leave my stuff in the suitcases?  Is there a refrigerator?  Microwave?  Are there any outlets I can access to plug in my phone?  How bout the computer?  Is there wifi here?  How do I log on?  Will this just stay connected, or does it turn off every time it goes idle? What time is it? What day is it?   Is there space to do yoga on the floor?  Does this window open?  I’d sure love some fresh air…  Does this hotel have coin laundry?  Where are the stairs?  Where’s the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?  Should I make something to eat, or go try to find something?  What time is it?  I wonder if anyone else is out n about?  Any places to eat around here?  I wonder what there is to do around here?  What time is it?  Do we have a show today?  What time is our next call time?  Where’s the theater?  Are we taking a bus, or walking there?  Where’s the backstage door?  Where’s the stage?  Where are the dressing rooms?  Where’s the bathroom?  Where are my in-ears?  Where’s my costume?  Where are my shoes?  How do we get to the front of house?  What time is sound check?  Is the zither working today?  Where’s the green room?  Anything else I should know?


…then it’s Time to Start the show…   


ahh.   I know where I am.  


…where are we going next?

Missing Athens…

Sometimes you get a good vibe the moment you set foot in a place.
Athens was one of those places. Everyone fell in love with Athens, GA from the moment we showed up. What a cool town. It’s rather small, and the downtown is actually only a couple of blocks long, but its cram packed full of really cool shops: from the swanky to the vibey-vintage- awesome fooderies: great sushi (in GA, believe it or not!),

20121110-184642.jpgVietnamese, Thai, American diners, bars with good food, coffee shops, desert places, and most of them one of a kind shops too- a fair amount of live music venues, including the Georgia Theater where we saw shows on 2 of our 3 nights there- great venue- There’s a bikram yoga place there BikramAthens (where I did bikram on all 3 of my days there!!), and just a cool vibe all around.

Athens is definitely a college town, so I’m curious what it’s like when school’s out, but I can’t imagine it being a total ghost town, as it’s just such a cool place.
I’m a bit sad that we couldn’t be there on a weekend, so we could’ve seen more if the local music scene, and I’m definitely already missing this cool town. I’ll be going back to Athens the next chance I get.

Maps&Atlases (really cool band by the way) play for not enough people on a Mon night at Georgia Theater


3:45 in the morning, and I’m finally ready to sleep…

What is that on my bed?…. Is it moving?

No…. It’s a bed bug!

Charles had one in his room in Cincinnati…


So after a call to the front desk, and an extra quick and sloppy packing job, and a little help from the front desk guy, I’m now up on the second floor… Hopefully in a room that has no extra residents!

I sure don’t feel like going to sleep now!

…alright, I just had to get that out…

Thanks for reading as always!



Great food, wine and Salsa dancing!

Had a great time at Tapas 177 last night!
I was so happy when we walked downstairs to find a live salsa band, and they were killin it! I’ve actually played in salsa bands before, and have listened to the music for years, so I know when it’s good, and these guys were the real deal!! Timbalero, Congero, Bongero, piano, bass, guiro, singers and trumpet. All providing the right elements! A very nice suprise. Some serious dancers there too. Really made me wish I had learned to salsa!

Then there was the food. Somewhat pricey, but so worth it.

We also ran into some people that had been at the Blue Man show (easily spotted by the blue hand print on the bald guy’s head)- so they got a kick out of meeting the musicians from the show.


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