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gathering focus…

It’s been a little over one month since I’ve been on tour with Blue Man, and so far, I’m seeing how I go through waves of gaining focus on my goals, then straying away.

I’ve broken my goals down into 5 basic things, so it’s easier for me to keep track of. Then, recently, I decided to make this image with one symbol representing each of the 5 goals:


Clockwise from top the symbols represent:


Tour So Far… pt 1: Death of an iPhone

So I’m now over a month into tour. ┬áBefore leaving for tour, I had imagined myself with my blog website well under way, with tons of entries about the places I had gone, and amusing anecdotes about being on tour….

But, alas, I am just now getting my blog up (it’s more work than I tought), and so much has happened that it’s tough to pick a place to start. (more…)