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finding limits (by getting sick on the road)

OK-  so I push too hard sometimes.  I get it.  Now I get it more than I got it before.  And I might need to get it again, although this was a tough lesson to take this time.

It actually started in Athens, GA, where I decided to see if I could do bikram (hot) yoga for 3 days straight, while also doing our shows everyday.  I’ve only done bikram 2 times in the past, and both times it seriously kicked my ass!  Like, “I’m not going to be doing anything for the rest of the day”- kicked my ass.

“I’ve been doing yoga everyday for almost 2 months now, I’m feeling pretty good.  Let’s give this a shot.”   So I tried it.  First day, not too bad.  Better than I expected.  Charles and I went, and survived, so we went out for sushi afterwards.  Probably a good food choice-  healthy, light.  But the saké was not.  It was fine at the time, and if that was all the bikram I was to be doing for the week, that would have been fine. (more…)