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Great food, wine and Salsa dancing!

Had a great time at Tapas 177 last night!
I was so happy when we walked downstairs to find a live salsa band, and they were killin it! I’ve actually played in salsa bands before, and have listened to the music for years, so I know when it’s good, and these guys were the real deal!! Timbalero, Congero, Bongero, piano, bass, guiro, singers and trumpet. All providing the right elements! A very nice suprise. Some serious dancers there too. Really made me wish I had learned to salsa!

Then there was the food. Somewhat pricey, but so worth it.

We also ran into some people that had been at the Blue Man show (easily spotted by the blue hand print on the bald guy’s head)- so they got a kick out of meeting the musicians from the show.